Gerrard’s Corner


On a tip-off from a friend known for his nose for a bargain, we headed down to the unprepossessing Gerrard’s Corner, located (surprise surprise) on the corner of Gerrard Street and Wardour Street. Our first impressions were that it was nothing to write home about, with the walls painted a strange ‘eau de Nil’ (duck egg/pale green) colour, with occasional Chinese hangings.  Downstairs felt a bit more modern with wooden flooring and a slightly more ‘private’ feel, with karaoke facilities for those you that way inclined.


Service: Our food was a tad slow to arrive, but the service was generally accommodating, good (for a Chinese restaurant).


Food: We had cha siu so, cha siu cheung fun, Vietnamese chun guen, wu gok, lai wong bao, fong jau, sam seen chao Udon, fuk geen chao faan, sa lut ming ha gok, XO jeung chao lor bak go. All of these dishes were of a pretty good standard, nothing we could fault really. The standout dish was the XO jeung chao lor bak go, spicy radish cake fried with egg and spring onions in XO sauce, very nice and more like Singaporean chai tow kway than the traditional HK version of lor bak go.


It was only when the bill came that we realised why our friend had recommended this place. This is where Gerrard’s corner really shines: the total bill (for 7 people) came to £64.40, under a tenner a head – bargain! Gerrard’s Corner definitely gets a big thumbs-up if you’re looking for dim sum done well at a very reasonable price.

Conclusion: definitely not a date / business lunch kind of restaurant, more a trusty ‘Sunday afternoon staple’ for the family looking to go yum cha in Chinatown.

At a glance:

Décor/Ambience: Fairly Bland.

Food: 4/5

Service: Good.

Value for Money: 4/5  (cost: £64.40 for 7 people)


~ by yumchajunkies on October 14, 2009.

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