Char-siu-bao (叉燒飽)

Char-siu-bao (叉燒飽)


English terms: Roast Pork Buns, Red Roast Pork Buns, BBQ Pork Buns, Char-siu Buns

Ahhh … the Char-siu bit …

If you’ve ever eaten at a Chinese restaurant before, it’s probably quite likely that you’ve had Char-siu (叉燒), in one or another of it’s various guises. Char-siu, when made properly, is pork at it’s best. A juicy, succulent slab of red pork shoulder roasted in a wonderful marinade which gives it a wonderful aroma and it’s fabulous red colour. The most fundamental of all the buns you’ll most likely find, Char-siu bao is quite simply pieces of that pork wrapped up with hoisin sauce and a few other seasonings in a light and fluffy steamed rice dough bun. I remember buying buns on my way to school as a kid with lunch money from my mum – I seem to remember them being absolutely exquisite in their fluffiness and yet having the heavenly satisfaction of a deliciously filling char-siu centre … although I do remember they were sold by a hawker at the end of my street who was constantly picking his nose and wiping his pits … does that kinda thing matter to an 8 year old!?  They usually come in x3 to a portion.


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