Dude … what’s dim-sum??

Dim-sum (點心) literally means ‘a bit of the heart’ and refers to what were originally small, snack like, tit-bits  eaten with tea as an alternative to a full blown meal. Having said that, dim-sum often becomes a meal in itself and so the distinction seems to have blurred somewhat over the years. Although there are dim-sum from all over China, and indeed as far afield as Thailand and Malaysia, it is regarded, primarily, as having its roots in the Cantonese culture of southern China.  Although you’ll find dim-sum in various forms over here in the UK … (I once came across a very dodgey ‘Chinese dim-sum selection’ from a notable supermarket chain in London) … the good stuff is always freshly made early in the morning at a favourite dim-sum den … In fact, dim-sum, far from being a stagnant group of culinary inventions from way back in the mists of Cantonese time, are a versitile and constantly evolving set of ideas with which chefs play their gastronomic melodies … albeit with certain traditional favourites forming the chorus. And for those of us new to the whole world of yum-cha and dim-sum, these traditional favourites are probably the best place to start …


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