Haam-sui-gok 鹹水角

Haam-sui-gok (鹹水角)


English terms: Deep-fried Meat Croquette

This variety of dim sum is another fairly standard addition to any yum-cha table. The pastry is actually a rice flour dough which has been filled with pork, mushrooms and veggies and then deep fried. Whilst a delicious dim-sum in it’s own right, haam-sui-gok often run the risk of becoming stodgey and oily when made in some restaurants. Although this is of course the fault of the restaurants and not of the dim sum itself, it’s best to take lots of anecdotal advice when ordering this particular dish in restaurants one hasn’t before frequented. Haam-sui-gok are also incredibly filling, almost unbelievably so, probably on account of their ‘doughy deep-fried-ness’ and so care should be taken not to overorder.


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