Har-kau (蝦餃)

Har-Kau (蝦餃)

Prawn dumplings

English terms: Steamed Prawn Dumplings, Prawn Bonnets

Har kau are probably (along with their twin Siu-mai … see below) one of the most commonplace dim-sum that you’ll find on any yum-cha table. Commonplace doesn’t mean uninteresting though! These delicious and yet delicately simple prawn dumplings are simply made with a thin transluscent pastry and filled with prawn, cooked pork fat, spring onion, seasame oil and various other seasonings. They are always steamed before being served and so often come out in a traditional bamboo steamer basket piping hot (as they should do) but as delicious as they may look, prudence born of experience (and many a burnt tongue) dictates that one give them a short while to cool off before you jump straight on in!


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